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The Team

Who We Are

Cecile Headshot (1).jpg
Cecile Headshot (1).jpg

Cecile Munoz

President - Los Angeles

I bring solutions to our clients that have a dynamic and far reaching impact to the firm’s brand, corporate culture, and exceptional leaders, and ultimately their success.


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Tom McGavin

CIR Research & Support Administrator - Los Angeles

Since 2007, I have expand my contributions to the firm in new and unique endeavors over the years.  With my innate sense of urgency, I help to keep the trains running for the firm (both internally and externally).


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Anja Bosch

Senior Recruiter - New York

I am an empathetic recruiter who will always be straightforward and honest, the way only a New Yorker can!  Sharing opportunities that could change someone’s life is a powerful driver.


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Shawn Meaux

Senior Research, Media, & Design Consultant - Los Angeles

I have acquired an occupational agility that gives me a perspective and confidence that I am willing to try different things with a not-afraid-to-fail mentality.  


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